Reading Challenge

Writers read, right? Well, mostly, but sometimes writers get so involved in writing that they forget to read.


Yep. Forget to read.

And this is right where I have found myself lately, reading nothing but my own writing. Now I love my stories, otherwise I wouldn’t write them, right? But I need to branch out. I need to read something else.

So I came up with my own reading challenge. And I was hoping you might join me. Here’s how it works. We have the rest of the year to read 10 books. 10 *different* kinds of books. I have devised a list with choices. (There are more than 10 so if one type just doesn’t do it for you, you can choose another.)

Once a month, I’ll come back and tell you which book I marked off my list and how I feel about the book. Not necessarily a review but sort of. You can come on and comment and tell me about the book you read and perhaps we’ll get some new ideas and find some new authors.

If something happens and you miss a month, never fear. We’re not keeping score. This is for fun as well as to keep me…er, I mean us, focused.

Okay…here’s the list

1o book reading challenge

  1. A book recommended by a book seller or librarian
  2. A book published in a different decade
  3. A book you’ve already read before
  4. A book you should have read in school
  5. A book that has been banned before
  6. A book from a genre you don’t normally read
  7. A book that intimidates you
  8. A book you’ve been meaning to read for a while
  9. A book you quit reading once before
  10. A book published before you were born
  11. A book recommended by someone close to you
  12. A book published this year
  13. A book about another century
  14. A book you’ve never heard of before
  15. A book recommended by amazon/internet/cyber friend

So are you ready…? Then go!

BTW–I’m reading 50 Ways To Ruin a Rake by Jade Lee. (and I’m loving it) It’s my  number 13. :)

What are you reading?

reading challenge


10 thoughts on “Reading Challenge

  1. If I were you, I would start reading books from other authors that are your friends. See how their stuff differs from yours. Good luck. I love your books.

  2. I am reading a book from category #6. I usually don’t read mysteries, but I am enjoying Pray for Silence by Linda Castillo. Thanks for the fun reading challenge!

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