Oh, Christmas Tree!

Christmas tree 2012

I love Christmas and I adore my  Christmas tree. All my decorations are one of a kind  and many. It takes me days to decorate it, but instead of a chore, it’s a walk down memory lane. Not all of my ornaments are special. Some are just Christmas balls that I have picked up over the years, but the majority mean something, even if only that shopping trip with my mother and finding another must-have addition to my tree. But others are so special they bring a smile to my face as I get them out of their boxes each year. I have an ornament from every year that my husband and I have been together. There’s one for our first and our first married, the year we lived in Texas, and the year we moved back to Oklahoma. There’s also one for each year we lived in the Caribbean.  I have two for every year since our son was born. That’s one for me and one for him when has a home of his own. I ‘inherited’ a fourth of my mother-in-laws collector Santas from Hallmark.

I say each year that I need Christmas intervention, but is it really so terrible to love the holiday? I think not. But soon I’m going to have to rank the ornaments in order of importance in order to make them all fit. Or buy a bigger tree, which in turn would need a bigger house. Hmmmm…

What’s your favorite part of Christmas?


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