Amish–What Intrigues You?

amish_boysWe here all love the Amish. At least I assume you do or else you wouldn’t be reading this. But each of us has something special they love most of all about these conservative and inspirational people.

I can remember the first time I heard about the Amish. I was young–still young enough to be living at home–though I can’t remember my exact age. I thought the person who was telling me about the Amish was not telling me the truth. How could these people live without electricity? Wear old-fashioned clothes and drive horse and buggies? In the 20th century even. How was this even possible? But I started reading up on the Amish and found out what I could, which wasn’t a lot. (Keep in mind here this is before the internet and the world was a much larger place.) But I found out one very important thing–the Amish were real.

I still have that same awe about them now–one that makes me nearly tongue-tied whenever I have the opportunity to talk with them. (I know, right? Me speechless!) But to me they are that special, frozen in time. And yet not. They see the world around them , but they (for the most part) choose not to live in that manner. Instead they carve out their life in an old fashion way that is both commendable and charming.

So I’ve asked myself why I find the Amish so intriguing and each day my answer is different. But the gist of it is always the same. Community. I love the fact that they live together, depend on themselves, each other and God for almost all that they need. How much better a place the entire world would be if we paid more attention to community instead of just ourselves.

What is it about the Amish that intrigues you?


One thought on “Amish–What Intrigues You?

  1. That they live the verse in Romans about living separate from the world. I just admire the way they do that and it involves community. I myself have been guilty of falling into worldy things that I shouldn’t have. I think we as Christians need to often look at our walk. My Grandma Ethel used to always say it this way, “Are you doing something or are you someplace you wouldn’t want to be if Jesus was right beside you?” She was a wise, Godly woman. The Amish just don’t give in as a community to the ways of the world. Blessings, Susan Fryman

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