The Good Christian

What makes a ‘good’ Christian? I’m asking, not telling. We hear that all the time, “So-and-So is a good Christian.”

I was raised to believe that being a Christian meant to be Christlike. Or at the very least to put every effort into striving to be Christlike. Yes, we are human and yes, we all fall short.

I even asked the question in my last blog. Because I have written things that are not considered ‘clean reads’ does that make me less faithful, less Christian?

It’s not an easy question to answer. And it’s possible that it doesn’t have an answer.

Give this a thought. By saying that someone is a ‘good Christian’ we are passing judgement. Hmmm…but we shouldn’t judge. Does this only apply when we judge to the negative? I don’t know. Though by passing even a positive judgement, we are creating a scale by which our friends, family, co-workers, even strangers are gauged. If So-and-So 1 is a good Christian, then it’s possible that So-and-So 2 is not as good, or maybe better. See what I mean? Even if it’s a positive statement, it can still pit two against one another.

But this post didn’t start out to be about judging. It’s about the differences in people and beliefs. And how we shouldn’t gauge others by our own beliefs. Wait…I guess that is judging. But how can we stop this behavior? How can we say I agree to disagree? Or maybe it’s why can’t we? Why does religion/beliefs/God have to be “my way or the highway?” Shouldn’t we let God be the judge of all things? The Good Book tells us to. And besides He knows more of what’s in each and every one of our hearts. To me that is the most important thing to remember.

Nothing brings out our judgement more than politics and traffic. Politics, I’ll steer clear of, but traffic? Why can’t we follow the golden rule? Someone may be driving slow because their car started giving them troubles and they are just trying to make it to the nearest gas station. Or maybe another is driving too fast because their spouse is sick/at the hospital/been in an accident and they are trying to get to them. When these things happen to us, we expect people to understand and yet we are often times not understanding in return. What a shame!

The internet can be the worst! It’s one of the greatest accomplishments in our lifetime and yet it may well be the breakdown of the family and social structure. People go online and splash mean and hateful comments to anyone who doesn’t hold their same view/dogma/upbringing then get angry when others don’t bow to their wisdom. Why can’t we read, dismiss if we don’t agree, and go on to the next post? Why must we stop and take the time to tear someone down before we proceed to un-friend them then talk about them in a PM on messenger?

Is it so hard to say, Live and let live? Why should it concern us if it doesn’t directly affect us or doesn’t hurt anyone else/the environment/a defenseless creature?

There are things on social media that bother me. My husband’s in law enforcement. I get offended a great deal by some of the mean comments put up. I grew up in Mississippi. Yes, I have an opinion on the Confederate flag. No, I’m not going to share it. It’s not worth the trouble and the heartache either stance would give me–not to my hometown friends or the ‘friends’ who are actually business acquaintances and grew up differently than I did. I have an opinion on global warming, North Korea, yellow meat watermelons, and the best breading for fried green tomatoes. Most of these I keep to myself, or I decide if it’s worth someone getting upset if I say something that might go against their own beliefs. Because I don’t want to stand behind my own thoughts? Not hardly. I simply don’t have the time to be on the computer all day, fending off rabid opposite-believers and defending my every word/thought/belief. I would rather write books that make people happy and bring joy into the world.

I can’t say that I follow this all the time. I wish I could, but like most I have good days and bad. I have times where I’m impatient, anxious, angry. But those are the times when we should take a deep breath and work harder toward that understanding peace. After all, we are only hurting ourselves.

And, yes, I would like to think of myself as a “good Christian,” but not if it means someone is less of one.

Thoughts? Comments? What do you think? Remember to please keep it positive; negative and/or aggressive comments will be deleted. This is meant to be a safe and open place. Spread JOY!

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13 thoughts on “The Good Christian

  1. I fell like you ! There is but one judge and on judgement day he will judge me. I live my life to be more like Him. But am I there no I am not I am human flesh. One day I will be perfect and that is when I am with Him. To many people love to fight over every little thing in life I choose not too. I am the one who has to answer to God for myself. My job on earth is to be a witness and to grow to be more like Him. I know people who dislike my page but it doesn’t bother me cause I am here to honor Him. Write your wonderful books Amy I personally love them. I am a Christian and I have found no fault in them.

  2. Whew! Glad I’m not the only one. The really incredible thing to me is people judging other people based on weight was the topic at my Weight Watchers meeting today. I guess this has been on a lot of people’s minds. :)

  3. Interesting thoughts on this post. I do agree about the internet. People often say things that I am hoping they would never say to a person’s face. I’m like you, if I can’t be positive I just keep my comments to myself or tell my little dog, Missy. She’s a good listener and not judgmental…animals are like that. Keep up the good work my friend…you are loved here in PA!

  4. I was brought up attending Church by my parents. I consider myself a Christian. But, at the same time, I find myself sometimes doubting myself. I feel that I do not know as much Biblical things as I should.
    I try to be a positive person. I am not perfect! But, I have my eyes on the prize…that Stairway to Heaven where I will be able to meet the Lord.

  5. Amy this was a beautifully written piece that pointed out what a judgmental society we have become! We seem to be “great” authorities on what constitutes a “good Christian”, politician, parent, teacher…right on down the line to Grandma’s apple pie! Sadly, even little children are not immune to critical judgement! It is so easy to judge but a hard pill to swallow when criticism comes with it.
    As a Christian, it is important to remember who you serve and why. Judgement here on this earth is temporary…God’s judgement is eternal!

  6. I like everyone else have my opinions.I try not to offend anyone but if I do I am sorry.I am human..I make mistakes…Sometimes I hate to get on social media because of the constant drama .If someone post something I try my best to not comment anything because it is my opinion and it doesn’t matter.And sometimes I have to comment and sometimes I post posts that others may get offended or may not like,but I am me..I am not like anyone else..I am unique.I may not be like anyone else in this world..if it makes me less a Christian then that is between God and me.I always try to ask myself if this is pleasing to God and sometimes my anger gets the best of me or I do something in the spur of the moment and then I look back and have to go to God in prayer.I don’t like drama and I try my best to stay out of it.And I have even been judged for that.I have been told you should of said something or you should have did this or that and I can’t believe you didn’t.Sometimes I am judged for being overweight and etc.It is a shame that people doesn’t have anything better to do…oh no did I just judge also.It is a struggle to try to do what I should do.But in the end I am a nice ,caring,kindhearted,giving and loving person.In the end God is my final judge.

  7. Amy, a lovely post that everyone should read. As a Christian we should not judge or condemn another if their beliefs are different than ours but still Biblical. God leads each one of His children and how they feel or believe is right for them is between that individual and God. The main thing is truly following the leading of God for our own life and pray we are letting our light shine in this dark world.

    The internet should uplift not judge and condemn others. God is the judge.

  8. We are Christians because of “Grace” and forgiveness. We should at the very least apply those wonderful gifts to those we connect with whether in person or on social media.

  9. I try my best not to judge other people because no one knows what they might be going through. Of course at times, I slip and then I say a prayer to ask for forgiveness because I know what it feels like when I get the look of why don’t you do something about….. Well, because they don’t know what my life is or was like. I think that everyone should be treated like we would want to be treated. God in his powerful mercy has forgiven us for when we slip just like we should forgive others as well as ourselves when we or they slip.

    1. To be a christian for me is to be “christ like” what I have learned, and what I do my best to do, is to follow the Fathers example: Everything He did was out of love for us, His creation. I love my Father with all my heart, mind, and soul, and I do my best to let His love reflect through me to everyone around me. I don’t always do a good job of it, that’s why I’m thankful His grace and mercy is new every day. The only difference between me and the next person is, I have been forgiven, and they are waiting to be.

  10. I have been Christian for 50 years..Over the years, I have failed the Lord, BUT HE HAS NEVER FAILED ME… Being a Christian ,is to be as much like Christ as you can be….

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