The Best “Girl” Movies of All Time

I recently ran across an article online that listed the top 30 chick-flicks of all time. As I read through them I admit there were several that I agreed with, a few that I haven’t seen, and several more that I knew had a sad ending, which knocked them off my list for sure.

I’m sure there are plenty of movie goers out there who don’t mind leaving the theater with mascara tracks down their cheeks, but I’m not one of those. If you’re going to make me cry, it better be for a darn good reason.

So I decided to come up with my own list of the best chick-flicks and invite you to add your vote in as well. Here’s the link for the original article so you can judge those for yourself.  LINK

Here’s my list:

Sweet Home Alabama

French Kiss


Steel Magnolias

Mom’s Night Out

27 Dresses

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Sleepless in Seattle

You’ve Got Mail

When Harry Met Sally

Six Days and Seven Nights

Raising Helen


Friends with Benefits

The Holiday

Kate and Leopold

Just Like Heaven

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Thirteen Going on Thirty

And these made me think of other movies that could be considered chick flicks, depending on your definition.

What about:

Tin Cup

For Love of the Game

Far and Away

Meet Joe Black

One for the Money


Sense and Sensibility

Urban Cowboy

Or these classics:

Dear Ruth

Send Me No Flowers

That Touch of Mink

An Affair to Remember

Gone with the Wind

Some Like It Hot

And what exactly is a “chick flick?” Wikipedia says, “Chick flick is a slang term for the film genre dealing mainly with love and romance which is targeted to a female audience.”

Well, that knocks out a few of these…My husband has seen at least a third of the movies in the first section. And I know he’s seen almost all in the second one. Let me pause here and tell you that I am not keeper of the remote at my house and I am definitely married to an alpha male.

So how do I narrow this down? Okay, I’m on a desert island with a DVD player and ten DVDs. Don’t question the electricity factor. Just go with it. (Dang! I forgot to add that one to the list!) What ten “girly” movies would I/you want to take? Here’s my edited list:

French Kiss

Tin Cup

Far and Away


Some Like It Hot

Gone With the Wind

Sweet Home Alabama

Sleepless in Seattle

Six Days and Seven Nights

A River Runs Through It.

What’s that you say? A River Runs Through It is not a chick flick? Well, those who know me know that have a “thang” for Brad Pitt. I wouldn’t be able to make it stranded on an island with questionable electricity without at least one of Brad’s movies and he is sooooo much cuter in A River Runs Through It than he was in Meet Joe Black.

What about you? Ten chick flicks you can watch over and over. Okay, nine chick flicks and one pretend boyfriend movie. Go!

Everyone who comments will be put in a drawing to win an autographed copy of Healing a Heart. And as always, thanks for reading!






30 thoughts on “The Best “Girl” Movies of All Time

  1. Well, I have seen most of the top 30 movies and your list, but on both lists, I haven’t seen all of them. I have a few to add. Grease, High School Musical (Disney all 3), Safe the Last Dance, Nights in Rodanthe, Shall We Dance. Just to name a few that I watch over and over again.

  2. I have seen a couple of your Top 30.
    I do not go to the movies.
    I would add “To Sir, With Love”, “Brian’s Song”, “Dirty Dancing”

  3. Your list by far is much more inline with my favorite movies. The only one I can think of that I didn’t see on your list was a Christmas favorite of mine…While You Were Sleeping!

  4. The Parent Trap (original)
    Gone With the Wind
    Miss Congeniality
    The Notebook
    Pretty Woman
    Dirty Dancing
    Steel Magnolias
    Saturday Night Fever

    Any of these I could watch over and over (and I have).

    1. I used to watch Gone With the Wind once a year, but I haven’t since we unhooked the VCR. I think I need to start that tradition again!!

  5. Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Dirty Dancing, Sweet Home Alabama, Die Hard1, Erin Brocavich (so), 27 dresses, How to lose a Guy, Fifty Shades of Gray and Fifty Shades Darker.

    1. Connie, you are a bad girl! LOL But I do love Sweet Home Alabama. My novella, Blame It On Texas, was inspired by Sweet Home Alabama!! :)

    1. It’s a great one! I love when Tom Hanks is working out and calls Meg Ryan’s character a “pill.” LOL My grandmother used to always say that!

  6. Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Gone With The Wind, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Pearl Harbor, Love Actually, White Christmas and Holiday Inn

    1. That counts! I love going to the movies but it’s gotten so expensive that I try to wait until it’s a special movie. I’m good watching them at home. That way I can pause when I need a potty break! :)

  7. My top ten flicks are 1. Witness ( Il love Harrison Ford) 2 Steel Magnolias , Pretty Woman ( like Richard Gere) 3 Far and Away 4 Parent Trap (love Old Disney movies) 5 Sleepless in Seattle, 6 You’ve Got Mail 7 The Notebook ( a real tear jerker) 8 Sabrina, 9 Dirty Dancing, 10 Sixteen Candles (and lots of popcorn to eat watching these movies) You have some great movies on your list, Amy

  8. Sweet 16, Hope Floats, Maid In Manhatten, Body Guard, White Christmas, Smokey Mountain Memory

    1. I admit that I didn’t like Hope Floats the first time I saw it. It was so different than the trailers portrayed it to be, But after I adjusted my thinking I enjoyed it on the second watch. I was the same with As Good AS It Gets. :) Thanks for adding to the list!!

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