The Casual Vegetarian

So I’m getting all registered for the RT Convention in 2017. And by ‘getting all registered’ I mean that I gave Stacey the link and told her to sign us up. She calls me back and tells me that we’re all ready to go. Hotel reservations, conference fee, registration for the Giant Book Fair. “And,” she says, “I put you down for a vegetarian meal.”


“I’m not a vegetarian,” I say. “I just don’t eat meat.”

She laughs. “That is a vegetarian.”

Well, I suppose. I mean not really. Right?

So I googled the definition for vegetarian.

Vegetarian (n) a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

Well, dang! Stacey was right! (She made me write that!)


I quit eating meat recently and only because my doctor recommended that for me, uhum…like two years ago. But better late than never right? After giving it a trial run, I discovered that I do feel better and more energetic when I cut meat from my diet–no pun intended. But I don’t consider myself a vegetarian. I just don’t eat meat. See?

Vegetarianism is serious. You know, save the whales, Green Peace, and vegan leather (which is just a fancy way of saying vinyl).

Let me tell you, no meat is no small thing in a town that was built on oil and beef.

Now I grew up in the Deep South. I can eat veggies with the best of them: squash, beans, greens, okra. Yum. But there isn’t a good alternative when it comes to fast food. Sure most places have salads on the menu, but it’s a hit or miss–sometimes they’re edible, sometimes not.

But today I went to my favorite fast food Tex-Mex place, Taco Bueno. After all, it’s pretty easy to eat meatless Tex-Mex. This is how the order conversation went.

Me: Can I get a Muchaco with no meat, please?”

Bueno: A what?

Me: I would like a Muchaco but I don’t want the meat on it. Just beans.

(A muchaco is a pita taco with beans, meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Really good!)

Bueno: Do you want the lettuce on it?

Me: Yes, just leave the meat off.

Bueno: You want me to put the cheese and tomato on it?

Me: Everything but the meat.

Bueno: You want me to leave the meat off?

Me. Yes!

He just couldn’t believe that I didn’t want the meat! And he gave me the strangest look when I went to pick up my food. And believe it or not, they actually got my order correct! I had no idea ‘without meat’ would be so complicated.

It might have been a little easier if I said, I’m a vegetarian. But I’m not. I just don’t eat meat. Oh wait…Right. The definition places me firmly in the vegetarian camp. So I guess I am. But only casually. I like milk and eggs, and leather shoes. Just call me The Casual Vegetarian.

And if you’re going to be in the Atlanta area next May, be sure to check out the Romantic Times Convention! I’d love to meet you there!




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