#AmyinPA Day 1

What an incredible day I’ve had in Pennsylvania! Stacey and I got up early and headed across the border to Lancaster County. Our first stop was brunch at Yoders’ Restaurant. Thank you to the very special readers who came out and joined us. It was great fun to sit and visit.

amishday1After that we headed over to Sadie’s where we unpacked the car, played with her sweet daughters, and helped with chores. How many Englishers does to take to water the horse? 2 Amish girls. Yes, that is correct. After trying unsuccessfully to fill a bucket by hooking the hose up to the water pump, we discovered that there was a valve and pipe that led directly into the horse’s trough. While waiting for it to fill, we turn to see Sadie’s three year old and two year old have filled the bucket! We fed the chickens, gathered the eggs, then went in to eat.

Supper consisted of tomato pie, baked zucchini, macaroni and cheese, along with baked sweet potatoes, and biscuits with peanut butter spread.

We ate until we couldn’t eat any more, then headed down to Sadie’s brother’s to help with the chores. We helped with the milking, feeding and watering the horses and cows. But my absolute favorite time of the day was sitting on the porch with Sadie’s family. There were ten adults, two teenagers, and three little girls. Such a fun way to see the sun go down, just visiting with new friends while darkness falls.


3 thoughts on “#AmyinPA Day 1

  1. A wonderful day it sounds like! I can just see your reaction to the two Amish girls filling the bucket without a problem!

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