Cover Reveal–Courting Emily

I think it’s time to share my lovely, lovely cover for Courting Emily. (Mainly because the publishing house posted it on amazon <g>) Courting Emily is the story of Emily Ebersol, the bishop’s daughter. I can’t tell you a lot about this story yet, but I will say that the look on “Cover Emily’s” face is perfect. So Emily–a little bit innocent, a little bit mischievous, a whole lot of spunk. I love it! What do you think?

Courting Emily


Courting Emily releases January 2015 * Pre order now at Amazon and B&N


10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal–Courting Emily

  1. I love the cover. It is so vibrant! There is so much expression in Emily’s face! You can read a whole lot in there! Can’t wait to read the book!

  2. It’s perfect when the model gets the expressions just right! Emily’s beautiful and great! Early for a reveal, five months+ ahead! Guess I best be getting COURTING EMILY on my TBR list. Maybe I can catch up by January! HUGS and congratulations!

  3. January? January!!!! But school is out NOW!!! Not nice to make a reader wait so long. Not nice at all. (But yes, I do love the cover. Makes a girl smile)

    1. LOL, Cori–the next one comes out in August. This is the follow-up. :) But I hate y’all have to wait so long too. I love this story. :)

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