Cover Reveal–Gabriel’s Bride

Katie’s Choice has launched and it’s time now to view the incredibly awesome cover for the third installment in the Clover Ridge Series. Here it is…Gabriel’s Bride

gabriel'sbridePersonally, I LOVE it! (But green is one of my favorite colors). Weigh in…what do you think?



17 thoughts on “Cover Reveal–Gabriel’s Bride

  1. I love it too! What a beautiful bride for Garbriel and the countryside in the background is perfect. Green is my favorite color too. I have so enjoyed Saving Gideon and Katie’s Choice and looking forward to Gabriel’s story.

  2. This cover is beautiful! I would buy this book on the cover alone; that’s how much I like it. I can’t wait to read this book!

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    Amy Lillard reveals the cover for the third book in the Clover Ridge Series, Gabriel’s Bride! I love the brightness of it and the vibrancy of the colors. If you haven’t read this series, you should! Start with Saving Gideon and then read Katie’s Choice. Then you can anxiously await the release of Gabriel’s Bride…like I am!

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