Amy’s Blog Tour

EnvelopeIn celebration of the release of Katie’s Choice, I’m going on tour! I hope you can join me one of the dates. I’m giving away an envelope at each stop. What’s inside? That’s a secret. But there’s some good stuff–gift cards and free books. And at the end…One lucky visitor will win a reader’s survival pack with a book bag, a copy of Katie’s Choice and chocolate, of course!

Here are the dates:

4/29 Between You, Me and the Gatepost – Loree Huebner
5/1 Amy Clipston Books
5/2 Pens and Peonies
5/9 Margaret Daley’s Blog
5/9 Confessions of a Wonder-Woman Wannabe!
5/10 Destination Amish
5/14 Once Upon a Time
5/15 P.T. Bradley
5/16 Jennifer Beckstrand
5/20 Kathi Macias

Hope to see you there!


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