Newsletter Launch

Katies Choice_CVR (1)Want a chance to win an Advanced Reader Copy of Katie’s Choice?

I am launching my brand-spanking new newsletter this March. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have the newsletter in your email box by March 15. In each newsletter, I’ll have book updates, author appearances, review quotes, and more importantly–recipes!

If you’d like to send in a recipe, use the Contact Me form on my website (to keep your email out of the spam folder.) Recipes cannot be copyrighted and have to be original. Recipes do not have to be Amish, but that would be fabulous if anyone has any to share. I’d love to hear about Easter traditions, favorite dishes, and other stories concerning this special holiday.

All readers who sign up for my newsletter will be entered into a drawing to win an advanced copy of Katie’s Choice (which doesn’t release until May 1, 2013). If you’ve already signed up, never fear, you are in the drawing.

Please use the Contact Me form on my website to sign up for the newsletter–this will allow me  to make sure you get your mail.

Addresses must be received by March 10, 2013, in order to be included in the first mailing and contest. Any addresses sent after this date will be including in future mailings, but not in the drawing or the launch.

Thanks for all your support! I’m looking forward to getting this together for you.

FYI–Frequency of the newsletter will depend a lot on reader participation. I’d like to share as many recipes as possible. But I won’t send more than one email a month. (I gotta write too, ya know! <wink>)

Blessings to everyone and thanks again for your support!



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