Charmed, I’m sure.

Seven weeks in and I’m still not sure about the the TLC show Breaking Amish. I have to admit that it’s not about all the wonderful things that I admire in the Amish. It’s not…charming. I’ll go one further and admit that most Amish fiction is heavy on the charm. But that’s what I love about writing it and reading it. The Amish offer me a real escape from my own reality. A place filled with God fearing  neighbor-loving people who are taking life at their own pace.

But what about shows like Breaking Amish? I find it like a train wreck, I know I shouldn’t stare, but I can’t take my eyes off of it. Even if it lacks the charm of my fiction of choice.

Have you watched the show? Do you love it? Hate it? Or like me, does it male you want to dig  out your copy of The Shunning to watch again?


One thought on “Charmed, I’m sure.

  1. I watched the first episode and even told my sister that it was airing. She still watches it. I personally felt like it was terrible and didn’t even finish the episode, but that’s me. I honestly didn’t feel that it was representative of the Amish communities I’ve been in. I know this happens, I also felt so sorry for the folks that left their communities and my heart just broke for their families.

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