Could You Be Amish?

I’ll admit that I spend a great deal of time thinking about the Amish. Even when I’m not writing. And naturally the question comes to mind, “Could I make it in the Amish world?” Could I live without electricity computers and all the other modern conveniences that we have today. My honest answer is a definite maybe. LOL

After the ice storm of ’07 when my family lived without electricity for seven–yes, that’s *seven*–days, I know I can survive without electricity. Not having a phone in the house could be tolerated. I could even give up my cell phone. I don’t watch television all that much and I know I would miss the internet. I love nail polish and shoes, but what would be the hardest thing for me to give up? Books. That is to say being able to read whatever I wanted when I wanted. Losing that freedom would be very hard for me.

What’s the one thing it would be the hardest to give up if you were to join the Amish faith?


4 thoughts on “Could You Be Amish?

  1. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to transplant myself into an Amish community / family for a couple of months. To share and learn from each other would be a tremendous growth and learning experience.

  2. I have given this sooooo much thought! Firstly, I’ll explain a bit about myself: I’m English, recently deafened and a forty-lots year old mother of 3. TV and radio don’t bother me, neither does electricity in general – although I think the hardest thing to give up would be my washing machine. I know the Amish have washing machines, but they’re more like the old top loaders, so you can’t just turn it on, walk away and come back to it when it’s finished. I still have memories of helping my mother with her twin tub, the strongest memory being the amount of mopping up that had to be done afterwards!
    I would probably miss the internet too, it’s the way I keep in touch with family and friends now that I am unable to hear on the phone. I did begin to write letters to various friends around the world but almost all seemed to reply by email or text message, which I found quite sad. It’s a lovely moment when a hand written letter drops on the doormat, you put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and sit at the table to read someone’s news in their own handwriting. So much more personal than a text or email!
    Transport…hmm….I live over 70 miles from my family (we moved to the seaside when my husband got ill and left everyone behind in London) and it is easy to just jump in the car and visit for the day;having to rely on public transport would probably result in a very frazzled Chrissie turning up on the doorstep.
    The clothing….well, I’m way past the age where I need to impress people with my looks, and I quite like the idea of handmade clothes as they would fit me better than shop bought!
    I think probably the 3 hour worship would be a struggle for me, too. I know when I used to go to the cinema I’d have to get up and walk around once or twice during each film, so I definitely know I’d be in a whole world of pain from sitting down all Sunday morning!
    The books? I’m not certain what is and isn’t allowed to be read, but I am happy to read anything with more than 4 words in a row. In fact, i think I’m the only person i know who reads those leaflets that come through the door about double glazing/kebab shops/gold collections and gardening services!
    I’m sure there are a hundred and one other things I’m forgetting, but all in all, I think I could do it!

    1. Hi, Chrissie! Thank you so much for stopping by. Your response made me smile! It does indeed sounds like you have given this a lot of thought. Still smiling and nodding my head over “at the age” where you don’t care about impressing people, and having to walk around during a church service. Yep, that describes me too!

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