This Week’s Colors

So I’ve confessed that I love nail  polish.  You know this about me, right? In getting ready for the conference and book signing (8 days from now!) I went shopping trying to get everything ready. And here’s what I found.

Beautiful huh? The red is Vodka and Caviar and the beige color is Tickle Me France-y. Spot on since I’m so in love with the Eiffel Tower and all things Parisian.

Sigh. I so love nail polish.

I’m not sure the red will make it into my suitcase. It’s a little  flashy for the ACFW (IMHO) but I know the lighter color will be my  staple while  there. I’m not worrying too much about my toes since  I’m wearing my cowboy boots down, around, and back. They are the most comfortable “shoes” I own. And I’m getting a new pair for my birthday. Haven’t see those yet? Stay tuned!

<>< Amy

I suppose I should confess that during the composition of this blog I found another color of nail polish and ordered it. Say hello to French Quarter for Your Thoughts.

Oh. Yeah.


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