Countdown to ACFW

To tell you that I’m not excited would be *such* a ‘falsehood’ as my English Lit teacher used to say. I am incredibly excited. In just a little over  two weeks, it’ll be time to head to Dallas to the ACFW Conference. For those not familiar, ACFW stands for American Christian Fiction Writers.

Really I’ve got a lot to be excited about. One, it’s my very first conference. I’ve been saying for years that I was going to attend a conference. It’s strange that I’m finally making good on those self-made vows. Two–I’m going as a published author. (God is good.) Three, I’m finally getting to meet some great people who have joined my life in the last couple of years. Like my agent, my editor, and all the great friends I’ve been connecting with online. And fourth, my first book signing. Squeeeeee!!!

9 fabulous authors and ME!

So if you’re going to be around,  please stop by and see us. I’d really appreciate it.

Oh,  and did I mention that the signing is on my birthday? <BIG GRIN> Yep, there’s a lot to be excited about! <><


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