Ten Things I Love (ahem, Like) About the Electronic Age

As promised, I will do a service to the electronic age. Last week I chronicled the things I *didn’t* like about the information-at-the ready time in which we live. It is only fair,  So, let’s do it.

1–would have to be the laptop I am writing on as I watch the opening OU game for the season. (Yeah, I schedule my posts. It keeps me on task. <grin>)

2–Being able to carry 73 books around with me at all times in my Nook.

3 –Social networking. I won’t even cheat and put each of these under its own number. But I do so love Twitter, Facebook, and (sigh) Pinterest.

4–ordering books online.


6–texting my baby sister quotes from SpongeBob and MegaMind and my older sister jokes of all sorts

7–e-cards. Yes, I’m that paper hoarder who can’t part with any card I’m given. I have BOXES of them.  Go paperless.


9–Wikipedia. Think I may name my next child Wikipedia (okay, okay, my next cat)

10–Google. No explanation needed

What is it about the electronic age that makes you smile? Leave  me a comment and let me know. I’d love to  hear from you.

<>< Amy


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