A Math Lesson or The Importance of a Decimal Point

I admit it. I’m something of an over-protective mom. But I love my boy and would do anything in the world to protect him. He’s growing up, getting bigger everyday. He’s in that preteen stage right now. He’s knows he’s getting bigger and he stretches his wings everyday. I’m doing my best to let him have the freedom he needs while being right there to help should the need arise.

“Mom.” he said, “there’s a duel disc for sale on eBay and I want to bid on it.” It was $20.50. Not a bad price.

“Sure,” I said. So I go over and tell him how eBay works and the bidding system. How to place a bid, then I go back to my projects keeping a watchful ear out for any cries of distress.

He placed a bid for a dollar more than the current one. Then a few minutes later told me that he’d been out bid. He placed another bid for two dollars more. I told him the best thing to do was to leave the bids alone until the day the auction ends. Then try to win it then.

He said he understood and went about his way.

The last day of the auction came and went. Frankly I had forgotten all about the Duel Disc (It’s a Yu-Gi Oh thing, don’t quite understand it myself.). Then I get the email–congratulations you’ve won the Duel Disc for $61.

Wait. What? How much? I never made a bid for $61.

Holy-Guacamole! Where am I going to find the money for this?

I resigned myself to paying for it but emailed the seller. We never intended to bid $61. But somehow we did.

Thankfully we had a very understanding seller. She let us out of the contract to buy and I breathed a sigh of relief. But just how did we get a bid that high under our name?

Well, I did a little investigation and this is what I found out. Instead of making a bid for $24.50 we made a bid for $2450.

Holy Schmoley Guacamole! I’m sure glad no one got into a bidding war with us. LOL

But let this be a lesson to us all. Decimal points are really, really important.


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