Why We Love the Amish

There’s no denying it, we (the “English”) are enchanted by the Amish. But what is it about them that intrigues us so?

As a writer if Amish fiction, this question has crossed my mind more than once. But on the flip side of the fiction coin, there’s the booming fantasy/sci fi/ paranormal sub-genre. So what does a conservative religious group and Twilight have in common? Maybe more than you think.

With all the techinology at our fingertips today, the world is moving faster and faster.  Because of this speed, we need an escape, a place where we can decompress. For many it’s the made up world of vampires, shape-shifters and fairies. For others (like me) it’s the old-fashioned world of the Amish.

The Amish live life side by side with the Englishers, but in a completely different world. It’s not their clothes, the lack of electricity, or their church services that intrigue us. It’s their pace. It’s their lack of the Internet, cellphones, and DVRs. As our world spins faster and faster while theirs plods along at the pace of hoof beats.

Their world is real, but so different. It exists and it gives us hope that our own world won’t get out of control. You can’t ask for much more than that.

What do you like most about the Amish? Even if it’s their peanut brittle, leave me a comment and let me know.


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