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Just popping in to let everyone know that the follow up to Loving Jenna is available today! I’m really excited about this story since the heroine, Nadine, is just about to turn 65. Yep! A heroine with a little life behind her.

Romancing Nadine is the tenth book in the Wells Landing Series, but if you’re new to the series, don’t let that stop you. All the books are easily read out of order. They might contain spoilers, but there are no cliffhangers or continuing storylines to closely follow.

Book Birthdays are always strange days for me. I usually have regular work–writing–to do and I get up believing that I’ll go to my ‘office’ and write as usual. But every release day is the same. I find myself distracted by the little things. Posting about the release on Facebook. Making sure that all my website links are working and so forth. Checking to make sure I made the Pinterest inspiration board for the book public where everyone can see it. Just the little things. A million little things. Today is even worse as I just received the copy edits for A New Love for Charlotte (the next book in the series) and I have about two weeks to get them back to my editor. My husband is home for the week, and I’m anxiously awaiting word about two very special projects, so every time I get an email notification I grab my phone as if my life depends on it.

But if you haven’t checked out Romancing Nadine, click the cover below. It’ll take you to my web page dedicated to Romancing Nadine. It’s a fun story about second (and even third) chances at love. The links to the major retailers are at the bottom of the page.

(I was going to post them here for your convenience but wordpress has changed how the blog post are aligned and I can’t figure out how to get them here in a concise way. A million little things.)

And if you haven’t read Loving Jenna, the last time I checked (this morning…a million little things) the ebook was still 99 cents. Click the cover image for Loving Jenna and it’ll take you to my webpage, etc etc.

I hope everyone has a happy day and you find a way to enjoy all the million little things. And if you have a minute, I’d love to hear what you think about Nadine and Amos! <3

Happy reading!





WELLS LANDING QUILTING CIRCLE NOVELLA 2 Amy Lillard romance author #AmyLillardBooks

promise pic 1At the heart of the Amish community of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, a women’s quilting circle rallies around a member who is suddenly alone, under unusual circumstances…
One of the only women in the quilting circle without children, Mariana Miller prayed to be blessed with a little one throughout fifteen years of marriage. But now, newly widowed, Mariana discovers she’s pregnant—with twins! How will she support herself and the babies, not to mention stay healthy when the doctor puts her on bed rest? As neighbors band together to help, Mariana is more grateful than ever for the Amish community. She especially looks forward to visits from Reuben Weisel, her late husband’s business partner and best friend. Reuben’s quiet strength comforts her—until he proposes marriage…
Honorable and loyal, there’s no doubt Reuben sincerely wants to provide for Mariana and the twins. Never married, he can now be a good husband and father. So long as the bishop approves, to wed him is a sensible choice—and an unexpected gift. But when Mariana discovers there is more behind Reuben’s proposal than she thought, their fragile agreement and fledgling love will be put to the test…

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Release Day!!!

Such an exciting day! It’s finally here…August 5, 2014…Release Day for Caroline’s Secret!

Caroline’s Secret is the first book in my new series set in Wells Landing!

For more info, check out my page dedicated to Caroline’s Secret.

caroline release6