Trudy Johnson has a plan: she and her sister Molly are travelling west on the Oregon Trail and starting over in the new territory. After their father died leaving them in crippling debt, Trudy took everything they had left and bought a wagon and supplies to go West. Now all she needs is a reliable driver.

After being lied to by his fiancée, Ellis Hardy is done with love and convention. He’s headed to California to mine gold. After all, gold is something he can truly believe in. Well, he would be going to California, if someone hadn’t stolen his wagon and all his provisions. Now with only a few days left to head west, Ellis is stranded. Ellis and Trudy team up to get west and sparks fly along the way. Too bad he thinks she’s headed to Oregon to meet up with her husband. Trudy knows that lies broke Ellis’s heart, but she can’t help but dream of a new start that includes Ellis as a father to Molly. When the time comes will he be able to forgive her fibs, or will he leave Trudy and Molly behind forever.