Waking up next to a beautiful golden-haired stranger isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to Brodie Harper, but staying in a fake marriage in order to gain a new construction contract could very well be.

Savanna Morgan just wanted a way out of an engagement to a man she didn’t love.  Marrying Brodie seemed liked the perfect answer at the time.  Less perfect the next morning when she finds herself disowned by her father and flat broke.  Now she must make it through the weekend. Monday they can get it all annulled and forget it ever happened.

The real problem may be keeping their hands off each other until then.




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5 “Books” from Long and Short Reviews

“If you love a tender romance, characters that make you laugh and cry, and an all around good feeling, then get ready to fall in love with Brodie’s Bride. And Brodie, too.”

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5 Stars from Romance Writer’s Reviews

“Brodie’s Bride … an incredible book about finding love.  The characters were funny, intriguing and appealing!!”

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5 “Cups” from Coffeetime Romance and More

“This story was so funny and fast-paced, I had a hard time putting it down.”

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5 Stars from The One Hundred Best Romances Project

“These two are doomed to fall in love. And I kinda fell in love with the two of them, as well. Not so hard to do when an author gives us a couple we can so easily root for.”

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National Reader’s Choice Awards Finalist ~ Best First Book

Rafe's Redemption Top 100 Romances in 2011


Brodie’s Bride received a 5 Star review from The 100 Romances Project and made the ‘list’ for the 100 Best Romances of 2011! Whoop!!


5 Books from Coffeetime Romance and More


COFW Ignite the Flame Contest ~~ First Place