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What can I say? I love to write stories about a lot of different characters involving a lot of different genres and sub-genres. This is fun for me, but I realize that it can be confusing for my readers. Which books are inspirational? Which contain detailed love scenes? Which are the ones that you want to read?

In addition to my newly revised Rating System, I have also started a new “all Amish” website dedicated to my Amish books and everything else Amish. If you love the Amish and reading my books about them, be sure to check it out!

This is also the new home for ASK SADIE. If you have a question you would like to ask my Amish friend, Sadie, fill out the form and we’ll have your answer in about a week.

Amy’s Amish Adventures

Have you read my Loveless Texas Series? These books are special to me since there are two versions–one contemporary traditional and the other inspirational. Now I have an entire website dedicated to the sweet little town of Loveless. Come meet all the citizens, see the places, and find out more about upcoming releases.

Loveless Texas Series

If you love contemporary (sensual) romances, be sure to head on over to meet my pen name on her site. These books are fun and flirty with lots of laughs, but they are targeted toward the reader who doesn’t mind ‘open doors’ in their romances.

Amie Louellen Writes

And there’s still more to come!

Be watching for some changes coming soon. I’m doing my best to accommodate all of my different readers. Please bear with me as I make these adjustments. Until then, if you don’t see the answer to your question about my books here, feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading!!!

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In September, I have the great honor of traveling to Pennsylvania and staying with Sadie for a whole week! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. While I’m out and about, I’m also trying to connect with my readers.  Two events are already scheduled with a couple more in the works. Please check my new Events page under the  For Readers tab for complete details. I hope you can join me!

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Lorie’s Heart releases July 28, 2015

lorieWelcome back to Wells Landing, Oklahoma, the tranquil Amish community where still waters run deep and a brave young woman sets out to discover her faith, her family, and herself…
Lorie Kauffman is grief-stricken when her father passes away unexpectedly. But her heartache quickly turns to bewilderment when she discovers he’d been leading two lives—one of simplicity and hard work in Wells Landing, and one fraught with painful ordeals in Tulsa. As she starts digging into her family’s past, Lorie finds herself torn between the Amish world and theEnglisch world—and she’s no longer certain where she belongs…

Lorie knows that if she leaves Wells Landing, she may never be able to return. But what if her destiny lies in the outside world—the world her father knew so well? Change is never easy, but with a bit of courage and the help of a handsome and kind-hearted Englischer, she just may find the peace, acceptance, and love she’s been longing for…


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