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Romance filled with family values, a home-town feel, a sweet tone, and lovable, familiar faces.

These books can be sweet or sexy. Some contain mysteries and some are inspirational. All have delightful characters like the people next door, your eccentric Aunt Sophie, and the curmudgeon who lives at the end of the block.

But “Apple Pie” traits transcend genres. All my books whether they are about cowboys, billionaires, or Amish bishop’s daughters are apple pie in nature. How do you tell which ones are for you?

It seems that written love scenes are a divider for most readers so I have devised a new rating system that is easily identifiable.

rating system 2

In addition to my newly revised Rating System, I have also started a new “all Amish” website dedicated to my Amish books and everything else Amish. If you love the Amish and reading my books about them, be sure to check it out!

This is also the new home for ASK SADIE. If you have a question you would like to ask my Amish friend, Sadie, fill out the form and we’ll have your answer in about a week.

Amy’s Amish Adventures

Have you read my Loveless Texas Series? These books are special to me since there are two versions–one contemporary traditional and the other sweet. Now I have an entire website dedicated to the quaint town of Loveless. Come meet all the citizens, see the places, and find out more about upcoming releases.

Loveless Texas Series

If you love contemporary (sensual) romances, be sure to head on over to meet my pen name on her site. These books are fun and flirty with lots of laughs, but they are targeted toward the reader who doesn’t mind ‘open doors’ in their romances.

Amie Louellen Writes

And there’s still more to come!

Be watching for some changes coming soon. I’m doing my best to accommodate all of my different readers. Please bear with me as I make these adjustments. Until then, if you don’t see the answer to your question about my books here, feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading!!!

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