Saving Gideon

Katie’s Choice

Gabriel’s Bride


Caroline’s Secret

Courting Emily

Lorie’s Heart

Just Plain Sadie

Titus Returns

Marrying Jonah

(The Wells Landing Quilting Circle)

More Than Friendship

More Than a Promise

More Than a Marriage

Wells Landing Christmas

Loving Jenna

Romancing Nadine

A New Love for Charlotte


A Mamm for Christmas

A Summer Wedding in Paradise

A Home for Hannah

A Love for Leah

A Family for Gracie

An Amish Husband for Tillie


Brodie’s Bride

All You Need Is Love

Can’t Buy Me Love

Love Potion Me, Baby

The Trouble With Millionaires

Take Me Back To Texas – sexy

Take Me Back To Texas-sweet

Blame It On Texas

Ten Reasons Not To Date A Cop

Southern Hospitality

Southern Comfort

Southern Charm

Loving A Lawman

Healing a Heart


The Wildflower Bride

The Gingerbread Bride

As Good As Gold

Not So Pretty Penny

No Greater Treasure