Not much happens in sleepy Jefferson County, Tennessee. That is, until Jamie Valentine is found murdered. The prime suspect? Visiting Yankee reporter, Roxanne Ackerman.

Roxanne has no idea how the murder weapon got in her car. With that piece of damning evidence against her—innocent or not—if she doesn’t find the real murderer before her actual trial, she’s going to jail for a long, long time.

But not if her attorney has anything to say about it. Malcolm B. Daniels IV is all too aware of his alluring client and the sparks that seem to fly whenever she’s near. Thankfully she’ll be in jail all weekend. Come Monday he’ll present the evidence of her innocence to the judge and the case will be dropped. She’ll be safely locked up in the county jail until then.

When the jail is inadvertently fumigated and declared uninhabitable, Malcolm grudgingly takes Roxanne into his personal custody. How else is he supposed to keep an eye on her until the preliminary hearing?

Roxanne has her own ideas about how the weekend should turn out, including tracking down leads on her primary suspect who just happens to be Malcolm’s adoptive father.

Despite all her theories on who killed Jamie Valentine and her attorney’s confidence, the reporter knows that come Monday, the case has to be solved or prison is definitely in her future. Now she just has to survive the weekend and Jefferson County’s unique brand of Southern Hospitality.

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