Sydney Jericho is not about to let some has-been shyster con her father into becoming partners in a run-down ostrich ranch, located—literally—in Nowhere, TX. Winston Jericho is obviously having a harder time dealing with his wife’s death than Sydney had initially realized. But she has it all under control now; she’s going to get her father from the ranch and bring him back to Austin where he belongs.

Waite Harris has been dealt more than a few hard knocks the last few years. After his NFL career-ending injury and more than one bad investment, Waite finds himself unemployed, broke, and adrift. From there it was short drop to rock bottom. Then Waite’s ex-wife abandons his infant daughter on his doorstep. Now he’s cleaned himself up and found the perfect place to raise his brown-eyed Lacy in the sweet air of the Texas countryside—an ostrich ranch near a town with the unlikely name of Nowhere. But he needs a business partner to make it all come together. Enter Winston Jericho.

After Sydney falls at the ranch and loses her memory, what’s a father to do but use the miraculous situation to his own advantage? After all, it was nothing sort of Divine intervention that Sydney concocts her own personal backstory including a marriage to Waite and the small detail that she is Lacy’s mother.

It goes against every grain of Waite’s being to allow Sydney to continue in her own reality, but the doctor insists that she will eventually remember the truth. Winston seems to think it’s a fine idea to let it all happen in its own time, but Waite only promises a week. A week of pretending that she is his wife. A week of allowing her to believe that Lacy is her daughter. And a week to convince her that the ranch is where her father belongs.

But after that week…will Sydney forgive him the deception? Or will she consider their subterfuge unforgiveable?

And what of the matter that he thinks he just might be falling in love with her?