The Clover Ridge Series returns…

John Paul Fisher has been dragging his feet over joining the church. It’s not that he doesn’t want to join, but he’s enjoying his rumspringa and is reluctant to see it pass. At twenty-five, he’s finally ready, but he didn’t count on meeting Taylor, a beautiful Englisch girl who seems to understand him more than anyone he’s ever met before. Even Bethany.

Bethany Weaver has always loved John Paul and hoped one day he’d lay aside his running around and finally publish their wedding. But four years ago, Bethany got tired of waiting and married Danny Detweiler. After only three years of marriage, Danny is killed in an accident, leaving her a widow with two young children. She knows she hurt John Paul when she married for spite, but she and Danny had a good marriage.

Now that she’s free to marry once again, she hopes to win back John Paul for her own. After all, he’s passed the age of knowing and is sure to join up soon.

John Paul is conflicted. Can he forgive Bethany for marrying someone else? And if he does, is he ready to be a husband and father in one fell swoop? And what of the beautiful Taylor who accepts him for who he is instead of who she wants him to be? Can he walk away from her in order to marry the girl he once loved with all his heart?