Not much happens in sleepy Jefferson County, Tennessee. That is, until Jamie Valentine is found murdered. The prime suspect? Visiting Yankee reporter, Roxanne Ackerman.

Roxanne has no idea how the murder weapon got in her car. With that piece of damning evidence against her—innocent or not—if she doesn’t find the real murderer before her actual trial, she’s going to jail for a long, long time.

But not if her attorney has anything to say about it. Malcolm B. Daniels IV is all too aware of his alluring client and the sparks that seem to fly whenever she’s near. Thankfully she’ll be in jail all weekend. Come Monday he’ll present the evidence of her innocence to the judge and the case will be dropped. She’ll be safely locked up in the county jail until then.

When the jail is inadvertently fumigated and declared uninhabitable, Malcolm grudgingly takes Roxanne into his personal custody. How else is he supposed to keep an eye on her until the preliminary hearing?

Roxanne has her own ideas about how the weekend should turn out, including tracking down leads on her primary suspect who just happens to be Malcolm’s adoptive father.

Despite all her theories on who killed Jamie Valentine and her attorney’s confidence, the reporter knows that come Monday, the case has to be solved or prison is definitely in her future. Now she just has to survive the weekend and Jefferson County’s unique brand of Southern Hospitality.


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A Confederate ghost who haunts a sweet old lady’s house once a month is exactly the kind of story Chicago freelance reporter Newland Tran needs to bounce back from a career in disgrace. He’s even willing to hang out in small-town Turtle Creek, Mississippi to do it.

Natalie Coleman has her life in complete order. Well, almost. She still has to clean up the messes from her wayward parents, her eccentric aunt, and her underage brother . . . who’s also Turtle Creek’s current mayor. Now that they have a reporter underfoot, Natalie’s sanity is about to snap.

But there’s more to the ghost than just a story. And Newland discovers there’s more to Natalie than he ever dreamed. Can the unlikely pair discover the truth behind the eerie goings-on before Newland succumbs to Natalie’s brand of southern comfort?




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First World problems…

The Fitzpatricks are just your average, everyday, gazillionaire family who needs grief counseling after the death of their beloved grandfather. And that’s where our hero enters. Jonas St. John heads from his home in Chicago to Towering Pines, Alabama, the Fitzpatricks’ ginormous mansion worthy of its own zip code. It’s a favor for his sister, Roxanne Ackerman Daniels, and a much-needed working vacation for him. He’s just been through a very bad, very public break-up and could use the downtime to get himself back together.

What he doesn’t plan on is an eccentric family cast, including the family pet pig and the no-so eccentric, Chickie Fitzpatrick. Oh, and the fact that ‘grief counseling’ is Fitzpatrick code for mental evaluation. Their grandfather, not trusting their ability to make healthy decisions concerning money, gave his lawyer explicit instructions and a set of unbreakable rules on what the family has to do in order to inherit.

Chickie doesn’t see the need in all this so-called grief counseling aka, coaching sessions. They may all have to pass the eval before any of them can inherit, as far as she’s concerned, it’s completely unnecessary. She doesn’t believe her grandfather is even dead. And she really wishes Jonas St. John would pack up and head back north. He’s a little too handsome and a little too…knowing for her comfort. He doesn’t seem impressed by money and power. Just the kind of man she could fall in love with.

Jonas finds himself inexplicably drawn to the beautiful Chickie. But the last thing he needs to do is fall in love. And when ‘accidents’ start happening around the mansion, threatening all of their lives, Jonas begins to wonder if there’s more at stake than a simple multi-billion dollar inheritance.


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