Sweet Romance and Pink Apples

I’m so excited to announce that Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop is back! It’s up for sale in the kindle store and will be available in all e-markets as well as print very shortly! (Hopefully by the end of the week, if not before.) Yes, it’s back and it has a brand-new look. And a brand new ‘apple rating.’

But first the cover. Drum roll please…

I love this new look! I wanted something sweet and kind of soft to represent this new endeavor. I think this one has all that and more!

Okay, Pink Apples…

What do pink apples stand for? My ‘new’ heat level I’m calling sweet-ish romance.

When members of the industry—authors, editors, and agents—talk about a sweet romance, they’re referring to love scenes. Or lack of them. Sweet romances by definition have no ‘on the page’ sex. There might be implied relations, but these happen behind ‘closed doors.’ (Take ‘sweet as apple pie’ out of the equation. That’s referencing my style and tone.)

When I first started writing romance, I wrote love scenes into the books. Those were the kind I read so they were the kind I wrote as well. I’ll not tell you that writing a love scene is comfortable. But this was all I knew and if I wanted to write romance, I would have to get over my hesitation and write the scenes. For me that meant making the scenes necessary. Necessary in they had to be emotional, move the plot forward, and enhance the overall story.

Then I started writing Amish and inspirational stories and the two different kinds of books didn’t quite go together. What to do? My new style didn’t contain love scenes and I had firmly entrenched them into my previous books. In trying to find a solution, ‘sweetish’ romance was born. (Remember how God told me to be brave? I struggled with what He meant by that. Did He mean be brave and continue what you are doing? Or be brave and take a chance? I think He meant take a chance.)

Sweet-ish romance is a delicate balance. There are parts that could be classified as love scenes, but they are emotionally strong and physically vague. They are not a play by play of what happens between a man and a woman in private, rather a small nudge to let the reader know what’s happening without going into every detail.

Also language. Yes, there are a few curse words in my sweet-ish romances, but I was careful not to take them too far. (No f-bombs here.) Nor did I want my characters to take the Lord’s name in vain. I took out these references and replaced them with something less offensive.

I can’t say that ‘sweet-ish’ is the right heat level for every reader. There are some who will prefer the strong love scenes and some who will wish they had been removed altogether. But for the middle-of-the-roader, I believe you will find something here you’ll like.

There will still be other heat levels in my line-up. Amish and inspirational will continue to be Green Apples. Sweet romances will go on being represented by Yellow Apples. Red Apples will indicate books that do contain bedroom scenes, though I will express again, these are nowhere as sexy as today’s typical romance. (My husband calls them 2 ½ shades of gray.)

I’m also working on better explanations for the apple rating system to help readers navigate what’s right for them. Be looking for it in the weeks to come.

I hope you enjoy this ‘new’ heat level. And I hope that readers of clean romance will give it a try. If you are one of these readers, I would love to know what you think. You can contact me through the CONTACT ME page here on my website.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Romance and Pink Apples

  1. Amy loved your blog about sweetish romance and looking forward to reading Ten Reasons Not to Date a Cop. I like to read soften love scenes they do soften a story as some stories do not need “heated” romance line. Pink is the perfect color :Love reading all of your books!

  2. Amy, I really enjoyed your blog, and I love the “pink apple” rating that you’ve added. Your apple rating system is so clever and helpful. I look forward to reading some of your “sweetish” books.

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