Ten Things I Hate About the Electronic Age*

1– reading my Nook until it’s dead (NOW what am I supposed to do?)

2–searching for hours for a book I know I have but still can’t find.

3–KNOWING something is on YouTube but I still can’t find it.

4–My ‘smart’ phone dies more often than Mario.

5–power failure means complete and utter boredom

6–I can never find the charger when I need it

7–leaving my charger odd places–like at work or at a friend’s

8–having to have a charger for everything

9–kaput zip drives which contain very valuable story line ideas and/or irretrievable chapters (I’m still upset about this one <frowny face>)

10–The flashing yellow light on my laptop

And I guess that means it’s time to go (since I don’t know where my charger is this time). What’s your ‘hate’ about the Electronic Age?

*And just so no one thinks I’m being negative, next week let’s talk about what we like about the Electronic Age. ;)

Until then… <>< Amy


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